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Razor1911 Skyrim Install Simpack Error I Cannot Create The File

thanks I was going to play the livecd, but apparently it crashed on me, so I have no clue if I can fix that. no problem ill have a look If I can't get it to run, I'm gonna try the alternate, unless you guys think that'll work (I'm also running it in VBox, so I might have to quit doing that for now) Some1 here with a netbook ubuntu? I need help on a printer problem battosk, you can try the alternate Yeah, I've already chosen that. I just want to know if it's possible to recover what I have now I mean, how big is it, and how do I get my stuff back? I have the same problem as the one in this post Or do I just not have any of my stuff in my current session? battosk, do you see an icon in the top panel, beside the clock, etc Anybody out there can help me? Yeah, I can open the task manager, and see that I'm running 11.04 I also see a bunch of processes, including X, but nothing for my session. battosk, what about alt-f2 type sudo service lightdm start Didn't work battosk, what about alt-f2 type unity --replace does that work unity: command not found battosk, what about alt-f2 unity --replace (Sorry, I'm a little new at all this) battosk, try it again I typed unity, and it says it's already running hi, on 11.10 there is no "

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